Wedding photographer in Sandpoint Idaho

Looking for a wedding photographer in Sandpoint Idaho?

If you are newly engaged and live in the Sandpoint area then you know that you must not waste any time on finding a wedding photographer in Sandpoint Idaho. I am so excited for this years wedding season and I am already planning several booked weddings. I have a lot of fresh ideas and I am ready to go to work.

My offer to you as your wedding photographer in Sandpoint Idaho

I have been getting a lot of calls about my weddings already this year. And I keep hearing the same things from my brides. “Wow, the cost of most photographers are so expensive” and “why are your prices so reasonable?” The answer is simple. In this tough economy a lot of couples cannot afford to hire a photographer and are often left to resort to disposable cameras or having a family member take their pictures with a substandard camera. Then left to find out they can barley print off a 5×7 blurry pic. But one of the main reasons why I am reasonable is that I need the work!!! I need the jobs to support my own family and while doing so I can help the average couple trying to pay for their wedding on their own so they can have money left for some of the extras. All while building my wedding portfolio. I use some of the best cameras and lenses on today’s market so rest assure you will be getting the best images possible!! I also print all of your images on only professional paper and products!!

What you get with Tanyia Oulman Photography as your wedding Photographer in Sandpoint Idaho

What I am offering is pretty simple. To book your wedding day you will need to pay a non-refundable $300.00 deposit that will go towards your wedding day. My weddings start at $650.00 for 4 hours of continuous shooting. A full day of shooting is $900.00 for 8 hours. Hours must be decided up front and the balance is due two weeks before the wedding. With your wedding day you will receive all of your pictures fully edited and in full resolution on a disc for re-printing. For more information please call me I would love to talk about your special day. I hope that you will consider me as your wedding photographer in Sandpoint Idaho.

North Idaho Wedding Pictures – Etching Your Memories in Time

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North Idaho Wedding Pictures for Perfect Memories

Your North Idaho wedding pictures are more important than any other pictures you will ever get taken. You only plan to get married once and on your big day you want to have the best photographer there to help preserve the memories you are creating. If you don’t choose the right photographer your North Idaho wedding pictures may be disappointing, and they cannot be redone.

There is nothing like being in love and saying “I Do” to the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. This is a very special day and it is one you should be able to remember forever. If you want to remember it in the best possible way, you should take the time to choose a photographer with the passion to ensure you get the most amazing North Idaho wedding pictures from the wedding and the reception.

Not all pictures can be posed and some of the best ones will happen in the moment. Imagine if your pictures turn out to be very plain and very boring. Would your heart sink and would you feel like you wasted the money spent on the photographer? Don’t allow this to happen, and start looking for the right photographer before it is too late.

Perfect North Idaho Wedding Pictures are Possible

If you have set a date, then it is time to start looking for a photographer for your wedding. They book up very fast for weddings and many of them will be booked a year in advance. This means if you want to pick from the best North Idaho wedding photographers, you need to start your search as soon as you possibly can.

Take the time to compare at least a handful of choices by using the internet, their portfolios, and friends that have been married recently. The more examples of their work you can see, the easier your photographer decision will become. Their work will speak for them just like a resume would for you if you went in for a job interview.

You want to see the most amazing pictures in their portfolio, on their website, and from the others people they have done weddings for. If you can see the love within the eyes of the bride and groom, then you know you have a photographer that is not only skilled, but has the passion to make sure they capture the perfect moments and freeze them forever.

The photographer you choose should understand how big of a deal this day is to you and should know that you want amazing pictures. They will have the skill to work inside and outside and they will know how to put you in great poses before the wedding and between the wedding and the receptions. One other thing they will be able to do is get amazing shots at the actual ceremony and draw tears of joy with the pictures they take.

Why are your North Idaho Wedding Pictures so Important?

Your wedding photos are more important than anything else you will ever have photographed. If you look back on your wedding and you are not thrilled with your pictures, then you will not have the same feelings as if you look back and you know your pictures are amazing. You should want to show the world how amazing your pictures are and the right photographer will give you exactly that feeling.

Understand that your big day is more important than anything else is and a photographer that understand this will give you amazing pictures. Choose the right person for the job and you will get the North Idaho wedding pictures you have always dreamed of.

North Idaho Wedding Photography – The Best Choice For Your

north Idaho wedding photography

north Idaho wedding photography

Finding the Right North Idaho Wedding Photography Choice

North Idaho wedding photography is very important to those getting married in the area. Getting the right person to take your wedding pictures is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding. This decision is more important than the cake, the flowers, the venue, or even the date you get married.

Why is your photographer so important to your wedding? Well, when it is all over, what will you have left to remember the wedding by? Sure, you will have a layer of cake for your first anniversary, but after that is over, it is all about the pictures. If you want to remember your wedding in the right way and you want the best possible memories, then it is about what is caught on film and developed into beautiful pictures.

The North Idaho wedding photography choice for you is not always the easiest one to make. It has to be dealt with very early on because the best photographers will be booked much sooner than you might thing, but it still has to be dealt with the right way. If you choose the wrong photographer, you may be very disappointed with the way the pictures turn out.

North Idaho Wedding Photography – What are your Options?

1. A Professional

The best option for your North Idaho wedding photography is going to be a professional. This is the choice that is not always easy and we will get into why it is not easy shortly. A professional will give you the ability to capture your memories the right way. This is a great way to get the memories you want from your wedding.

2. An Up and Coming Photographer

Another choice, which is not a bad choice, is an up and coming photographer. Someone that has recently started taking pictures for a living can be a bit of a gamble, but sometimes you can get an amazing photographer for a very cheap price by going this way. Just make sure you see some prior work from them before you hire them.

3. An Amateur

There are many amateur photography options out there like hiring family, using disposable cameras, or hiring a friend of a friend. Just understand this is not a very good choice because you will not get any professional editing, the eye of a skilled professional, or the better equipment professional photographer’s use.

The Right North Idaho Wedding Photography Choice

There is one key to making the right North Idaho wedding photography choice. When you are looking for a photographer, you need to choose the one you have the most confidence and trust in. Interview a few different choices and narrow it down to the person you connect with and feel can do a great job at your wedding. This will give you the right person for your North Idaho wedding photography.

North Idaho Wedding Photographer

north Idaho wedding photographer

north Idaho wedding photographer

The Amazing Memories the Right North Idaho Wedding Photographer can Capture

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and you need to have a professional North Idaho wedding photographer there to capture every memory. You gain many benefits from having a top photographer at your wedding to take the right pictures, whether posed or not. Before you choose the photographer for you, it is important to consider a few things.

First, if you don’t have a photographer at your wedding you will not have many pictures to put into your wedding album. This means when you want to look back and see how amazing the day was, show your children, or even show your grandchildren you will not have much to look at. With a professional, you will have many choices to add to your album.

Second, hiring someone that is not a professional North Idaho wedding photographer could result in disastrous pictures that are simply not the best quality. Outdoor weddings are harder to photograph than indoor due to the different lighting, but either way, your pictures will not turn out as good as you would like without a professional North Idaho wedding photographer.

Finally, your memories are important and this is a day of love, fun, and happiness. Having someone there that knows how to capture the emotion in every picture will give you the results you desperately want. You will be able to show off our pictures to your friends, family, and everybody else with pride.

Choosing Your North Idaho Wedding Photographer

There are many choices out there and anybody with a camera, business card, and a little bit of skill can call themselves a photographer. You don’t want just anybody taking your pictures because some of the photographers out there are not all that good at wedding photography or they just are not as skilled as another choice you may have.

If you want to get the best photographer for your wedding, you need to interview at least three individually. Ask to see a portfolio of their wedding work and if your wedding is outdoors make sure you see some of their outdoor shots. This will help you to see what type of pictures they take and whether they capture emotion or not.

When you are looking through their portfolio the pictures should bring a small emotional response or they are simply not as good as they could be. The use of light in outdoor pictures is tricky and if your wedding is outside you will want a photographer that shows how to make these pictures great in their portfolio.

The proof is always in the pictures they can show off to the world and even a photographer without much experience will have pictures they can show you. From the portfolio, you should be able to get a good feel of how each North Idaho wedding photographer connects with their subjects. Take your time and really understand the work before you interview the next photographer.

North Idaho Wedding Photographer – The Final Decision

When you are making your final decision for your North Idaho wedding photographer you need to be sure it is the person that is right for you. Take your time and find that photographer that connects with you and understands how big of a day this is for you. It is important for the photographer to specialize in the type of photography you need, like natural light photography for an outdoor wedding.

Once you think you have the right person you will want to book them as soon as you can. The best photographers get booked years in advance for weddings or at least months in advance. You want to make sure you get your first choice for a North Idaho wedding photographer and not your second, so book them as soon as possible.