Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer

Looking for a Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer

Congratulations!!! Your newly engaged and your life as you knew it will be filled with wedding plans galore. But before you jump into the little details of your big day you may want to ensure you get your Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer booked first. It is really important to act fast because the best photographers book 9 months to a year in advance.

Finding the right Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer for you

Like most couples you are probably searching the web for a Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer. For every budget there is a photographer. But keep in mind that just because they have a website doesn’t mean that they are qualified to call them selves professionals. I recommend that you choose 3 of your favorite photographers and set up interviews all in a row. Maybe even the same day. I say this because in between interviews they may book your desired date. Three things to keep in mind when book your Coeur d alene photographer:

1. The quality of their work should be number one! You will want to see many of their wedding shoots. Do you love their work? This is very important because it doesn’t matter if they give you everything if you don’t like the finished product. Check for nice, crisp, clear images. And if they are using professional equipment they will be able to blow up a nice clear image. (bigger than a 11×14)

2. What you will receive in your wedding package. Some photographers charge an arm and a leg for their services and don’t give you anything. Ask if you will receive a disc with all of your images on it. Approx how many images will you receive? And if so, ask them if they are all in high resolution with re-printing rights. Do they offer prints and products through a professional lab?

3. Budget! What is your budget? Weddings are expensive and a good photographer will cost between $1000.00- $5000.00. You will need to compare each photographers work and what you will get with each one. You might have 2 photographers that have great work and offer the same package but one is a couple thousand dollars more. Well that’s a no brainer, go for the cheaper one!! Just because someone charges more doesn’t mean they are better.

Choosing Tanyia Oulman Photography as you Coeur d alene Wedding Photographer

If you are viewing this page and are interested in meeting to see if we would be a good fit together please call me. I would love to meet you for coffee and show you my work and talk about your special day!!! To view more of my wedding work go to the top of this page and click on “Gallery” then weddings, don’t forget to check out my engagement work too:) Below are pictures from this past fall at “La Belle Vie” in Spokane Washington. I just love all the vibrant colors fall brings! Enjoy!!

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