Riverfront Park wedding in Spokane

Riverfront park wedding in SpokaneRiverfront park wedding in SpokaneRiverfront park wedding in Spokane

Having your Riverfront Park wedding in Spokane

If you are getting married in the near future, you may want to consider a Riverfront Park wedding in Spokane. This venue is one of the best choices for your wedding, even if you want an indoor ceremony. The Riverfront Park has hosted many weddings and it’s a great place to invite your friends and family to for your special day.

From the floating stage and steps to the INB Performing Arts Center, you can choose the right type of Riverfront Park Wedding to fit with your taste. You will need to book the floating stage in advance, as it’s a very popular choice. It floats in the south channel of the Spokane River and will give you a unique experience for your wedding day.

What About Pictures?

Getting married is a joyous occasion and the pictures taken at the ceremony and reception are very important. When planning a Riverfront Park wedding in Spokane, you need to make sure you book a professional photographer. With the help of a wedding photographer familiar with shooting weddings at this unique venue, you will get the best pictures to remember your big day by.

Booking your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make and you can’t just pick anybody with a camera and a business card. Some photographers are not good enough to work full time and actually live from their work, while others to quite well because they possess a unique talent and can capture the passion and joy at your wedding.

Compare a few portfolios of other weddings each photographer has worked on and if they do have work from Riverfront Park weddings in Spokane, it can help you make the right decision. Once you start looking at the pictures they provide from other couples, you will easily see the difference between those with a great talent for photography and those with a camera and a business card.