Spokane senior pictures

spokane senior pictures

spokane senior pictures

Reasonable Spokane senior pictures

If you are like most parents with a soon to be senior in high school you want the best Spokane senior pictures for a reasonable price. As you search the internet for a senior portrait photographer you will find that most photographers will want to charge you for a sitting fee, retouching fee and charge you an astronomical amount for all of your child’s images for re-printing. By the time its all is said and done you could have bought them a car. With this seeming to be the case I decided on a flat fee that I think we can all be happy with not just for my senior pictures but for all my sessions.

High quality Spokane senior pictures without the outrageous price

I take great pride in giving all of my images to the customer for a great price. Not only do you get them all but they all come completely edited
and retouched to look like a piece of art. All of your pictures will come in high resolution so you can print them as big a as you like!
With your c.d. you will receive a permission to re-print form, with this you can get them printed anywhere of your choice. If you want the highest standard of professional prints you can buy them through me. I go through a professional lab. I also carry awesome products such as canvas, gallery wraps, books and albums. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Spokane senior pictures. For more pictures please visit my gallery at the top of this page.
Thank you so much!
Tanyia Oulman