senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa

Finding your senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa.

This amazing portrait session was taken in the beautiful setting of Downtown Spokane Washington. Kennedy wanted a unique setting for her senior pictures so we went several different places. Among the few were in the shopping district of downtown, riverfront park and the beautiful historic Saranac building. I like to provide lots of background options for my clients so I was pleased that Kennedy was up for it. If you are looking for a senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa. it is important to find one who will give you a variety of backgrounds. As you can see from the pictures below each one is dramatically different.

Getting the best senior portrait photographer in Spokane wa

When shopping around for a senior portrait photographer you will want to ask yourself three questions:

1. Do you like their style? There are lots of different kinds of photographers. There photographers who specialize in natural light photography, flash photography, studio photography, or a combination of the three. If you don’t like the style of the photographer then you probably won’t be happy with the outcome of your senior pictures.

2. Is the quality of their images good? When looking at a photographers portfolio you will want to pay special attention to the overall quality of their work. Are the images crisp and clear? If you notice the edges are a bit fuzzy and out of focus, it is possible that you are dealing with someone who does not work with professional equipment. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who advertise that they are professionals but do not have the professional equipment to back it up and it will show in their work.

3. Do they fit into your budget? You will notice when looking for a senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa that there are a lot of high priced photographers out there. And then there are some that are reasonable. Now it is your job to decipher the difference between the two and find a happy medium so you don’t pay too much. You will want to ask each photographer what you will receive with their senior session. Some will charge you a session fee and then charge extra for the digital images and prints. And some will only give you your digital images good up to a 5×7 only. So make sure you ask a lot of questions before booking because it might be too late.

Tanyia Oulman Photography as your senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa

When choosing me as your senior portrait photographer in Spokane Wa you will receive an all inclusive package for a great price. I have done lot of research and I feel that I give my clients what they want. And what they want is all of their pictures in high resolution on a disc for reprinting anywhere they would like. In this day and age of the internet there are so many printing options for people. Clients want to be able to have the freedom of making their own albums and collages and such. With today’s technology there are so many options. But for those who are not so computer or tech savoy I also can order prints and products for you from my own professional lab. So if you like my style, my quality and my prices we might be a great match for your senior pictures!!! Please give me a call at 1-208-255-2758
Thank you! Tanyia Oulman