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Getting the best Sandpoint Wedding Photography

Yay! Your getting married and your mind is going crazy with all the wedding planning options running through it! But wait before you get started one of the most important decisions is your wedding photographer! A lot of couples don’t realize that a great wedding photographer is sometimes booked out a whole 9 months to a year in advance so you have to act quick. When thinking about Sandpoint Wedding Photography you will want to find a photographer that will capture every aspect of your wedding day. Because when the day is all said and done the wedding pictures is all that you will have to remember.

Why professional Sandpoint Wedding Photography is so important

When shopping around for a wedding photographer you might get a little sticker shocked. The reason they charge so much, for one the equipment they use. A professional photographer will have top of the line professional cameras and lenses. Yes its true there are a lot of non-professional photographers out there that charge the Professional prices, that is why it is so important to meet with them and check out their work and their camera. (ask them to bring it)
Another reason why it costs so much is because the wedding day is the least amount of time they will spend, the real time is all the hours that will be poured into each and every picture through editing your pictures whether it is just cropping or retouching or changes in the whole picture in photo shop. So now your probably thinking, “well then how will I be able to choose?” Well start pouring over a lot of Sandpoint Wedding Photography on line and pick the 3 best ones in your budget and style. Start comparing what you will receive with each one. Then make an appointment to sit down with them, if they are still available for your date. I recommend you sitting down with them
so you can see if mesh well with them. You will be spending a lot of time with them (The whole day in most cases) so you will want to get to know them a bit and see their work in person.

Booking your Sandpoint Wedding Photography with Tanyia Oulman Photography

If you like what you see in my wedding portfolio and you would like to discuss more on my wedding packages I would love to meet with you and chat about your special day. I would love to meet in person and show you my work and talk about all the little details. I have a studio location in the heart of downtown Sandpoint, located at N.324 second avenue, Sandpoint Idaho! Thank you so much for viewing. For wedding prices please visit my investment page at the top of this one:)
Tanyia Oulman 1-208-255-2758

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